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Project APE Cache “Mission 9: Tunnel of Light” Archived

It is always a bummer waking up to sad news. Yesterday evening the last surviving A.P.E. cache in the United States was archived. The Mission 9: Tunnel of Light A.P.E. cache in Washington state was placed in June 0f 2001 and has been maintained for the last ten years by Groundspeak lackey Jon Stanley (aka Moun10Bike). Jon announced […]

E.T. Highway Geocache Series Gets Archived

Love them or hate them, power trails are a part of geocaching and one of the more famous was archived yesterday. The Nevada Department of Transportation contacted Groundspeak and requested that the  “E.T. Highway Power Trail” geocache series be shut down. The E.T. series was started back in May 2010 by cachers Clay4 and whtwolfden and stretched for 1021 […]

Geocaching.com Maintenance Improves Features

We were excited about the new additions to Geocaching.com released during their big site update back in December, however it became quickly apparent that some of those features needed a little polishing. Yesterday’s website maintenance (which they are refurring to as “Phase 2″) brought great improvements to some of the features. Besides a few small layout […]

New Features at Geocaching.com

As most of you are aware by now, Groundspeak rolled out some cool new features yesterday. We were really excited to check out the new toys and think that most of the Geocaching.com community was as well. Shortly after coming back online the massive volume of server requests from the new features started tripping “throttling” triggers […]

Geocaching Android Application

Everyone (well at least a lot of people, including myself) can finally stop holding their breath. Exciting announcement from Groundspeak today, they finally release the official Geocaching Application for Android phones.  The release of the application was pushed back something like six months. According to the Geocaching.com website it appears to have all of the […]

Travel Bug Backpacker

As I am sure most of you saw in this week’s “Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter”, they have released a neat new Travel Bug, the “Travel Bug Backpacker” (available at Shop Groundspeak). This new bug is designed to fit on a 35mm film canister allowing it to carry other items, such as a log.  So you can basically make […]